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redditWhat is the point of a month long war matchup?

Soul Crusher

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I'll list our last 2 months of weekly war results, using A-E instead of clan names.

Last month: week- 1. ABCDE 2. ACBDE 3. ABCDE 4. ABCDE (1 position change)

Two months ago: week- 1. ABCDE 2. ABCDE 3. ABCDE 4. ABCDE (same result every week)

Why are we still doing this 5 months in? Just do new matchups every week. In CW1 we could have had more than 75 fresh war matchups with a new chance to win every other day since August 31st. We've had 5 matchups. This is mind-numbingly stupid and boring.

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