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redditGraveyard Rework Is Desperately Needed

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I'm not sure if it's just me but Graveyard is extremely infuriating. I've tried practically everything and it seems as though the problem persists regardless of what cards I play. A prime example is poison. It's a direct counter right? Not even close. Even with poison the Graveyard can still get damage off and it's not even a small amount it's quite significant. Typically this wouldn't be a problem but Graveyard decks are highly defensive so they can rely on small chip damage and poison in order to win while still being able to completely defend.

Now this raises the question of,"Well you can use something like archers or guards why not just use that?" Yet another problem arises with that because almost every Graveyard deck is paired with arrows. Practically every single counter outside of poison can be countered once again rendering your defense useless. This is a genuine problem because as I said before is a spell that should in theory counter every skeleton but it doesn't because the tick is too slow sometimes allowing for a lot of skeleton hits.

I have a few ideas and the first idea is for poison. The tick rate for which poison hits units should be decreased so it kills skeletons quicker and doesn't allow them to get a hit when used. Another potential change could be that the skeletons that spawn from the graveyard cant move for about 1/4 of a second or so. This would allow either for poison to kill all the skeletons without needing a rework or it allows other troops to kill the skeletons before they could attack. Finally arrows could be nerfed so that they dont kill troops such as guards. The arrow approach is pretty bold as it effects a lot more interactions than just gaurds but I thought it would be worth putting out there.

I'm very curious about how you guys feel about the situation. Should Graveyard be nerfed? Should other cards be reworked? Is Graveyard fine where it is? Please let me know!

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