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This game has become Rock Paper Scissors. I just faced e barbs, sparky, mk min horde. Then next match it was princess, dart gob, gob barrel, gob gang skarmy. Both lineups would get crushed if you went heavy on the right counter cards. But not the same counter cards, so how am I supposed to put together a run anymore? it’s become a game more of luck and less skill. There is an easy fix. 8 cards. You get one major spell. One mini spell. One tank. Two range one splash one not. One mini tank. One air unit. And one swarm or tower. Some cards qualify in both groups so you could get creative. If you are true to these slots you max out potential trophies on ladder. If you decide you still want to play 7 swarm troops, that’s fine. But now you can only win say 1/3 the trophies with every match. So You get penalized for every slot you cheat on. And if my lineup is balanced and I lose to all heavies or all swarms or whatever, I only lose 1/3 the amount of trophies. This way everyone has the freedom to pick their lineups but we are encouraging a more balanced and skillful approach to the game! The game is just not fun when you just don’t have the cards to win, no matter how creative you get.

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