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redditAnother month, another 4 weeks of third place finishes because of timezones and SC is doing nothing about it...

Soul Crusher

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I'm sorry, whoever designed the river race lacks foresight that the entire community picked up on day one of Clan Wars 2. This war each day my clan wakes, we're down by 10k points. We slowly caught up to first day 1 by end of day on the western hemisphere. Day 2, same story. Now that it's day 3, the clans on the eastern hemisphere finish the war before we even wake up. And guess what, we're stuck this this bullshit for the rest of the month with the same clans who will all finish in the same position because it's literally what happens 95% of the time.

Clan war shouldn't be measured by participation, there needs to be SOME skill element. I'm filtering through new members are a rapid pace and they all tell me they were kicked because they don't like the new clan wars. WE NEED A NEW SYSTEM. We need to be able to opt in/out without being punished. Clan leaders need to be able to start a war on a time that works for the their clan. It sucks because I spent so much time building a great clan, and we're slowly disbanding because of how unfun Clan Wars 2 is.

End rant...

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