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Fear mechanic so a new mechanic. When it jumps on someone a small radius (maybe smaller than heal spirit) causes anyone caught in to run away and can’t attack. Possibly to prevent jank that direction is away from wherever the boo-spirit gets its hit like a snowball so that way there can be some thinking to how it’s played. The fear lasts for 1 second.

Basically like a mobile knock back but with no slow like a snowball and costs 1 elixir. Also stops towers and buildings from attacking for 1 second so it can play like a stun but negligible damage preferably enough to kill bats and the like (the small radius prevents it from being op.)

Could also not work against buildings (as I highly doubt a cannon would be spooked) that way ice spirit still has play opportunity. Though if that’s the case I feel like it might be underwhelming on offense but it makes up for it on defense (basically any tower rushing card gets moved away).

Animation would be a skull face or ghost face above affected units. Can be used in tandem on attack if you need to squeeze in another hog strike if the counter is a mini tank or glass cannon. Should still work against a tower as princesses are scaredy cats (they take potshots from a tower come on!)

The speed of how much they run away can be tweaked to balance. They could run farther away due to increased speed or run slower. Maybe even the possibility of using it for kingtower activation. Fear time could also be adjusted.

Not too op as range units can easily shoot it down. And range units may even still be in range after getting hit.

Not sure if someone posted something similar but do tell me if so. Dreamt this a couple of days back.

The only thing I won’t budge on is that it must be released on Halloween.

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