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redditLegendary Arena sucks, what do I do to have fun now

Soul Crusher

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So, I started playing again and within 2 days I reached legendary arena.

But I hate it here, everyone is tryharding and I barely have any cards. Hell I got to legendary arena with my stupid "only skeletons lol" battle deck which is FACTUALLY awful. Now what am I supposed to do, i own only a few cards and don't got much variation, i don't have mega knight, any dragon besides baby, well anything much really. How did I even make it to legendary arena with a deck made purely of skeletons, it sucks. And all of a sudden everyone is tryharding the hell out of it. That's no fun. Why is there no casual mode or something to play with silly decks like I always do, I build my decks more around themes than viability like "goblin", "skeleton" or "flying" and just go.

What do I do now

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