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reddit[Effort Post] Suggestions To making Clan Wars and Clash Royale Better

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I posted this 27 days ago, but as with everything on reddit, some posts get seen, others have bad timing where they don't get seen due to many people posting at the same time.

So I will put these ideas forward again.


Clan Wars Improvements To make more people play it and enjoy it

  1. Any Clan that finishes the race should get a guaranteed legendary card.

It is not fair that a clan that can finish the race faster than 99% of other clans in the whole game gets no guaranteed legendary simply because they got matched up against hard clans. If the contents of the chest have to be altered, then do it, but give a guaranteed legendary card for finishing the race.

2) Fame should become a currency.

Any fame earned can be spent in a shop to buy items. As an example 1000 fame could buy a gold chest or some gold, 10,000 fame (about 2 weeks worth of battling) buys a legendary card, 15,000 fame could buy a mega lightning chest etc.

Many items could be added in the clan war shop. You could add buying trade tokens, star points, emotes, chest boosts and wait for it, buying Classic and Grand Challenges entries.

Having fame as a currency would mean that people have an incentive to continue to do clan wars even after the race has finished.

3) Clan war battle wins should count for unlocking chests slots.

Many people only have time to play in short bursts. They will come on to play some games to unlock chests and leave. Right now modes like party mode and 2v2 can unlock chests, so lets make clan war wins unlock chests too. This small change would help more people do clan wars.

This could also incorporate duel wins giving 1 unlock if you won 1 duel match, or 2 chest unlocks if you won 2 matches.

4) Let everyone attack all at once!

I hate having to wait an hour at times to get my games in due to others taking up spots. Duel is the hottest commodity and we end up needing to wait 10 minutes for one person to finish their duel, only to be beaten by another clan mate who was also waiting. Is it too hard to let everyone attack all at the same time, or at least have 2 or 3 people able to do the same mode all at once?

5) More Clan War Modes.

Lets have some fun modes here too. How about some Touchdown (1v1 and 2v2 versions) (Yes I love touchdown). Why not make the whole clan war river like a carnival for many choices all at once. Also why the need to rotate the modes? Just have them all as an option all the time. This is a move in making clan wars more than just normal games. With so many modes available all the time, players might be excited to do their 4 attacks each day.

6) Lets have 2v2 versions of every mode in Clan Wars 2.

2v2 versions of the current games or any new ones that get added to clan wars would be great. It would be cool to try and co-ordinate 2v2 duel with a clan mate for example where both of you would discuss and design decks that could be used for 2v2 duel.

7) Reward Weekly Fame Milestones with its own trophy road of rewards!

If idea 2 comes in regarding the clan shop, weekly fame milestones wouldn't have to be big but having both would be nice. These milestones could give a small bonus chest, a little extra gold, extra trade tokens etc. So the idea could work similar to the monthly trophy road but you have one for fame earned in the week. That way people are getting rewarded with some small things along the way as they earn fame for the week. In fact, the fame trophy road could even last all month and it simply adds your total fame earned for the whole month (season) and you unlock rewards as you progress.

8) Save our clan wars 2 stats.

Total fame earned should be a stat saved somewhere. Perhaps include total clan war matches participated in, and clan war 2 wins too. Wins probably gets muddied a bit by duel matches. Does winning a duel 2-1 count as 1 win, 2 wins or 3 wins (remember in terms of fame earned it counts as 3 wins)? So perhaps just have total fame as the only stat recorded. It is a shame this wasn't there from the start because it wouldn't feel right to add these in now with everyone starting at 0.

Other Game Suggestions

9) Stop Forcing Us to select the Chest boosts automatically!

At the end of every season I am forced to drop many trophies so I don't end up having multiple speed boosts when the season resets. Every other item on trophy road lets us select when we take them, so why not let speed boosts be something we can choose too. This change would help ladder a bit at the start of the seasons since not as many higher ranked players would drop their trophies to stop collecting multiple speed boosts.

10) Allow Us To Cancel A Chest Opening

We have all been there. A silver chest is unlocking, and we are about to go to bed. We should have opened the gold chest instead! There should be an option to stop the chest from opening, and switch over to open another chest. All progress for opening the original silver chest should be lost and you would get a warning about this before clicking.

11) Star Points Can Upgrade emotes

It might be hard to do, but star points being able to upgrade emotes would be truly wonderful

12) The Card Preview Screen should show what the different Star Point level skins look like.

13) Stop Blocking Spectator Emotes!

A lot of people don't realise, but you are lucky if 1 out of 3 spectator emotes actually gets through to be seen by the players and other spectators. The reason they did this is when global tournaments came out, games that had 1000's of spectators all doing emotes would lag out the games. There is an easy fix to this. With games that have less than say 5 or 10 spectators, allow every spectator emote to go through. Bring back some fun in the game and spectators acting like buffoons on the sidelines adds to that fun.

14) Ladder based on party mode games.

Many have said they would like 2v2 ladder. Why not have some based on party mode games too. To keep it fresh this should be a weekly ladder and the party mode game in focus could change. This could even have its own trophy road associated with it too or combine it with the current one (whichever ladder you are higher ranked in would put you higher up the trophy road). Game modes that could rotate through include Touchdown, LumberJack, Infinite Elixir etc.

15) More Party Mode Games Availability each day

Why is there only ever one party mode available in a day? Have multiple available. One of my favourite game modes is Touchdown is never there any more either. Having said that, if these were all put into clan wars as mentioned above, this would be good enough.

16) Pass Royale Trader Reroll For Free

I am sure I read somewhere that they were going to give the rerolls for the trader for free for anyone that has the Pass Royale. They seemed to have forgotten about this. Currently even when we have the pass, it still costs 10 gems to reroll the cards we want to give to the trader.

17) More Decks Slots

We all want more deck slots. With all the new challenges that come out we end up having to remove decks we like to keep to accommodate a challenge.

18) Let Us Name Our Decks

I'd like to have names for my decks. I could then name one as 2v2 deck, main ladder deck, lumberjack mode deck etc.

19) Any changes done to the clan settings is shown in chat

If any player changes the description, the required trophies, location or even the clans logo, it should be shown in the clan chat who did this. Other supercell games like Boom Beach show this.

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