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redditBomb tower vs Cannon in a hog deck to push ladder

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Everyone knows the original 2.6 hog cycle deck runs cannon, and I have been starting to use the deck recently. I'm not exactly the best 2.6 player, but when it comes to clash royale in general, I (usually) know what I'm doing.

Anyway, going straightforward for the question now: what would be better to use in a hog deck; bomb tower or cannon?

By the way, these days, I have been playing knight instead of ice golem, so I thought I could give up the dps of the cannon and instead put in a tankier bomb tower.

With bomb tower, fighting bait decks is easier, but apparently, the deck becomes a lot slower. I have been having trouble with decks like mortar bait with miner spear goblins skeleton barrel bats the most, as the bomb tower is too heavy. I know that against matchups like this, I shouldn't use 4 elixir cards as much, which is originally musky and fireball in the original 2.6 deck, but now that I don't have cannon and have bomb tower, I have found that some decks actually outcycle me sometimes.

I know nothing can be perfect, and everything has pros and cons; but I want to know what reddit thinks about this.

Additionally, I am trying to push a bit high this season. Anyone have any idea how hard it would be compared to season 9 (birthday season) and other normal seasons in general?

I want to push to 6.3k MINIMUM, 6.6k is what I am looking forward to, and 7k if things go well. At first I thought this would be easy and that I could probably get 7k fairly easily, but now that I think about it, Season 9 was a 35 day season while this is a 28 day season. Also, the anti-trophy inflation change made recently did drag down some high people low, and that might make it a little bit harder.

How hard do you guys think getting 6.6k would be? Ofc it would be easier than normal seasons, so that means I could achieve that point quite easily, but I want to reach it asap and then zoom right into Ultimate Champion and possibly even push more.

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