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redditAnyone have a guide about Hog eq with 3 spells and archers bomb tower?

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The title explains it all; I am trying to play the hog eq deck, as I wanted to switch things up a bit from my 2.6 life.

The basics must be similar, but there should be slight differences on the playstyle, right?

Has any YouTuber made an in-depth guide on this deck? By in-depth, I mean how to play against every matchup, general tips that are very useful, what you should and should not do, what mistakes you should not make, what to do in single/double/triple elixir, and so on.

Although I can't even get to 7k, I usually know what I'm doing. And that's why I'm trying to learn this deck; I want to push to 7k with this deck if possible.

So, does anyone know a good guide on this deck? It seems to be similar yet different with 2.6

By the way, anyone know if Knight+Hog the bridge is an ok play? I feel like it's an overcommitment, so you should only make if you have a pretty big elixir advantage. I wanna know what the good players think about this.

Also curious if putting hog in front of surviving archers is an ok play. Usually with 2.6, especially in single elixir when you can't afford to prediction spells, it's not a very good idea to put hog in front of a counterpushing musky, unsless you know what you're doing and what cards your opponent have. Thought that it may be slightly different with archers.

I know that there are multiple different ways to play a deck, and that everyone has a different playstyle. But you know, there are only a few that actually works very well with a specific deck. I wanna learn those ╰(*°▽°*)╯

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