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Since CW2 is insistent on matching me to these top 5k players, I am really getting a feel for the Pro community. I have to say, you all are pretty smug over there with your perfect placements. By all means keep emoting away to my mute button. It’s actually funny when I go back and watch the replays to try to learn something and see all the BM. every time there’s a player who has the 7k badge, they emote spam and are a total poor sport. What’s wrong with you kids, that you play something to a professional level, and then turn around to belittle those who haven’t come as far. You guys and gals really need to stop and be thankful that you have the opportunity to play a game all day. Not sit there and shame people for losing to you. I’m not impressed by your emote collection, and I’m sorry you need to put others down to feel better.

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