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redditClan War Time Zone Bias is killing the game

Soul Crusher

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I run a North American clan, (#fightclub) we started last season ranked #1 in NA. We faced, Spain, China, UAE. We led every Monday and lost every river race. We won the coliseum race which ends the season. What’s that tell you? Oh but there’s more....

This season we are again matched with similar, Russia, Spain, and the UAE. We led Monday. I got up at 4am and all three teams crossed the finish line. We hadn’t even got out of bed.

The bias is obvious. I’ve told the gaming entity formally known as Supercell. And they do nothing. We have four clans which we have built, going on four years... and they are crumbling because members can’t get a legendary at the end of the week.

It seems corruption is the new normal, and this game is simply a mirror of society.

Boo, company formally known as supercell. Shame on you.

The fix you ask? Simple. Remove the time sensitive element of CW2.

Thank you and good night.....

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