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reddit[EFFORT] Freeze Mechanic and Solution

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I’ve mentioned this before, but I think Freeze fundamentally has issues as a card. Tl;dr at bottom.

The issue is that Clash Royale is a game based on learning card interactions, and having a card who’s purpose is to make those interactions stop with no warning or recourse when used is uncompelling.

I do want to explicitly state that Freeze is NOT overpowered, and I’m NOT calling for a nerf. I’ll give my proposed rework at the end because I hate when people complain about cards but don’t propose possible solutions. Obligatory trigger warning because some people get triggered by these posts.

The problem for me isn’t the cards strength or the power of the decks it’s generally in; in fact statistically it’s actually a good thing for me to see because I probably win about 3/4 matchups with it on ladder. The problem is that I don’t really have fun winning those games. It feels cheap and basically is 100% surprise factor based; if they can get a good first freeze before the opponent knows it’s in their deck they have a chance to win and if not generally it’s not going to happen. 75% of the time it doesn’t happen that way because I space my cards well and basically only lose when I get Freeze rushed first play while I have a bad starting hand (occasionally I just get outplayed obviously, which happens above 6k and I’m not claiming to be a top 200 player).

I think the role of the card is fine as well; I honestly would love to see a rework that helped it fill that role and reduce the surprise factor nature of the card.

My proposed rework: 1.) Keep the card as a 4 elixir spell.

2.) The radius remains the same.

3.) When played, a blizzard is shot from the king tower that moves at the same speed as a Giant Snowball. Just a different animation in air, like an airy looking snowy puff; nothing crazy detailed or anything.

4.) Upon impact, the blizzard will freeze all troops for one second. This number can be tweaked to a half second as well; I’m not claiming to have enough data to commit too hard on the exact number of frames here.

5.) The initial impact will deal the exact amount of damage Freeze does now, in the same way, with the same sound.

6.) After the one second of freezing is done, all units in the radius will be given the Slowdown Penalty (same as the Giant Snowball) AND the Movement Penalty (same as the Earthquake does, except also effects air troops). There can be a light blizzard animation or just the same or slightly thicker snow animation that exists presently. Units can flash blue and show up as slightly transparent to visually indicate their penalties, as well as obviously having the radius still appear in the map like it does now.

7.) This lingering penalty is added to cards that enter the radius, or are spawned into the radius. When the spell ends all penalized cards are immediately returned to normal.

This change is a rework that gives the same function in decks, while making it slightly less surprise factor based, while allowing slightly more counter play due to the spell needing to be played earlier for the same effect. The time of travel is a nerf, as well as the 3.5 seconds of slight movement and attack, but in return allows the card to slow down new units that enter the radius to make up for it.

Possible revisions to the original idea could be to add in knock back during the initial snap freeze if too weak, or reduce the frozen time if too strong. As long as there’s some freeze to reset things it should be fine to tweak though. Radius and speed of travel could be tweaked as well as needed. I’m perfectly fine with revisions, as long as it gives more reaction time for the defender while not completely killing the card.

TL;DR: Freeze has an uncompelling mechanic as is due to the interaction stopping nature combined with the exclusive surprise factor effectiveness. The card isn’t overpowered so I do NOT call for a nerf, and instead a rework. Rework, described above, will give travel time to the card and will allow units in it to still move and attack with significant reductions but in exchange will impact new units that enter the radius throughout.

Obviously I’m not a CR game dev, and there is minimal communication with the community so I have literally zero expectations of any real change. Just wanted some discussion around the card because I like the role but not the implementation and am interested in more ideas on how to help it out.


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