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redditThe Massive, Unfiltered Truth About Cash Royale [What The Community Wants to Hear]

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Remove if necessary. This is low-effort, after all. Low-discussion too.

The Truth About Our Team [Official]

Hey guys, SC here, and we just came to say that we're very sorry about CWII. We know that the community didn't li- no, they held a grudge towards CWII.

To prove our loyalty to the community, we'll say this:

''cwII bad, and we are bad.''

We're also here to say that we're very, very greedy. Hungry for money (also please buy Pass Royale). We're so hungry for money, we will be able to do anything for it: whenever it is gambling for it, grabbing every single penny, or just signing up as prostitutes (The people here say this, so it's totally true).

And then we saw the wails of agony from the oh-so innocent, sweet community of ours, who also cares deeply for our game, and they totally have genuine interests! I mean, just look at those ' 'No Pass' comments! Our community truly loves us!

Someone then said that we were greedy. That day we were deeply upset. I mean, how dare we even profit off of the game that we ourselves created? How dare we make money off of it?

And then, we decided, that we will never profit off of a single game ever again!

That's why we decided, that from this day forward...


That's right! We will sacrifice all our profits in order to please the casuals and the free-to-players of this game, because we truly care about our community!

In addition to that, we will also remove levels, alongside any form of microtransaction, whenever it'll be a special offer, Pass Royale or even our baseline offers!

We truly care about the community, and I really hope that our fellow players can now see that.

This game will turn into a charity project in advance.

Yours truly,


P. S. cwII bad. Upvotes to the left.

Edit: Thanks for the downvotes!

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