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redditAfter a 3 year hiatus, I reached Challenger I in 3 days with an 82% winrate

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Hey all! I just climbed 4000 trophies in 3 days and wanted to share what I've learned.

  1. Don't worry about the meta: This is by far the most important tip to playing this game. In order to climb, you need to play to your own strengths and play with decks you're comfortable with. I almost exclusively played a beatdown deck that utilized the elixir collector.
  2. Count your opponents elixir and keep track of their card cycle: Counting elixir and knowing what cards your opponent have in their hand are essential to win at a high level. Especially for me, a beatdown deck user, this is essential so that I know the perfect time to push.
  3. Take a break on loss streaks: Whenever I lose 3 games in a row, I always take a break. Continuing to play while tilted will NEVER yield good results, just cut your losses and take a break.
  4. After making a mistake in game, don't give up: There were countless games where my opponent either got cocky after I made a mistake, or they made a greater mistake later, and I was able to comeback.
  5. When being attacked, know when to opposite-lane push, defend, and ignore: It's not easy to explain when to do which option, but the best way to figure it out is through elixir counting and card tracking. Those two things combined with good game sense will give you the intuition to make the right decision every time.

Here's a link to my stats https://statsroyale.com/profile/R9LQ82LCG, I hope you learned something!

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