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How should a f2p player approach all the hog eq variations. Is any of them the best? Or more like it depends what level your at and what decks you see often? I did royale api for my trophy level around 5k and the too variation is: knight, bomb tower, goblins and musk. The rest, hog, eq, log and snowball seems pretty standard. But I have my doubts about this deck. For one, I'm on level 11 and most cards level 11. This deck would crush it at this trophy level if they were all max 13s. But they aren't. As such, I'm finding it is pretty week vs lvl 12 loons, hound and golem. All that to ask, is there a better variation I should try? I looked at inferno tower, archers and skeletons as a better alternative. But the inferno tower just seemed to expensive at 5 elixir. So maybe royaleapi is correct and the bomb tower is as good as it gets and I just have to live with insta loss vs a ranged deck and probably a loss against higher level bear down decks. Is that correct? Or any better variations out there for me?

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