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reddit[EFFORT POST] Ideas to resolve the Problems of CR (CW2, Ladder, Progression, Overall Game Mechanics

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[EFFORT POST] Ideas to resolve the Problems of CR (CW2, Ladder, Progression, Overall Game Mechanics

Before I begin id like to say that I am not an expert in game development and analytics so if any of the points I bring up during this post make no sense or just aren't feasible let me know in the comments.

In this post I will be discussing:

  • CW2 Fixes and Improvements
  • Ladder suggestions
  • Progression Buffs
  • New Game Mechanics
  • PvE

CW2 Fixes and Potential Mechanics

Level Caps

This is a no brainer, many people has asked for this change to stop over levelled players from dominating lower clan leagues (I think this change has been fixed but just including it in case).

Just cap Bronze league at level 9, and increase the cap every league until we reach level 13 at legendary.

River Race Matchmaking

Now what I mean by river race matchmaking is that some clans are paired with other clans that have more players and higher level of participation, this leads to some clans getting 5th place every week for the whole river race. This has lead many clans to die off as people do not want to sit at 5th place and receive the worst rewards all the time.

I propose at the end of every week all 5 boats separate into different rivers to be matched against different clans. All clans in the new river placed the same the previous week (clans that placed 5th will be matched with other clans that placed 5th). This will ensure that smaller clans with more casual players wont have to sit through 5 weeks bad rewards.

Time Zone Issues

Time zones have been an issue since CW2 released. Eastern clans have the advantage over western clans due to eastern clans being able to attack before western clans wake up. Supercell tried addressing this in a previous update but it is still a big problem

There are two ways Supercell can go about this.

1) Clans are only matched against Clans in the same region.

2) Do not reward the final rewards until the Global Deck Reset (when the war decks reset, if there is only one clan at the end they get the rewards. If there are multiple clans when the war decks reset then the amount of fame will determine the winner)

Clan Participation

The point I am bringing up now may be the thing that single-handedly destroyed 100s of clans. With CW2 people are forced to participate in war. If a casual player doesn't want to participate the whole clan suffers due to more active clans winning the race. This has caused many casuals to leave the game and clans fall apart.

I think there should be some sort of option to participate or not

This could be done by making every Monday a "boat docking station". All boats sit at a docking station on Mondays, anyone who wishes to participate in clan wars can battle like normal. By Tuesday anyone that has done a war attack boards the boat. From there you will be matched up with clans with similar war participants and carry on the race like normal. This should happen every Monday so new participants can join and people who want to sit out can.

The Colosseum

I think that we can all agree that the colosseum was a big let down. I really like the concept of the river race but I think the end of the race needs to be revamped

One of the most underrated part of clan wars is the PvE, I think it should be used more

An idea I had was that at the end of the river race every clan has a Townhall (or tower?). With the fame the clan has accumulated over the weeks they can set up defences to protect their clan tower. Clans can then try and tackle other clans defences and last clan standing wins (if multiple clan towers are still standing then the clan tower with the most health wins).


When Supercell says they are going to buff progression they normally only increase card collection and not gold. The problem with the Card/Gold is you always have too much of one and not enough of the other. Some people have hardly any cards, some people have so many cards to upgrade but cant.

I don't have too much to say about progression as I am not too familiar with the Clash economy but here is some changes that could benefit

  • Re-adding Quests (clan quests maybe?)
  • Global and Classic Challenge tickets (will revive G & C challenges)
  • Clan Shop? (at the end of each season the leader of a clan can use crowns the clan has accumulated to buy from the clan shop. They can distribute the rewards to the whole clan, gifting extra to those who deserve it. This could be an attempt at bringing clans together and giving the leader rank some meaning, but this feature could be abused to only gift to friends. The clan shop could sell trade tokens, legendary cards, event and challenge tickets, chests, emotes).


Here we go. Ladder. This is the basics of Clash Royale and i havent pushed for over a year. Ladder just isnt fun anymore. 80% of players are now sitting at 4000+ trophies and Midladder is very frustrating for under levelled players. I think the thrill of ladder is pushing to new arenas to unlock new cards, and now the whole player base is at 4000+ there is not much reason to push. New players are able to push to legendary arena in a week, making arenas pointless.

This may be a bad idea (tell me in the comments) but there needs to be a massive trophy revamp

I think trophy gates should be removed

All arenas are 500 trophies long (legendary arena starts at 6500 trophies)

If this change did come into effect, all players over 4000 should come back down to 4000 (arena 8)

Spreading out the arenas will lengthen the time it takes to unlock new cards and give players an incentive to play ladder again. Even add a new arena with new cards at the top of ladder.

The trophy gates in general keep low level players at higher arenas just so they can experience a sense of progression, until that sense of progression diminishes after 4000

As your trophy count increases, you lose more trophies (probably receive major backlash)

Also low level players staying in low arenas will give them a chance to level up their cards before advancing.

Now i know that this change would probably bring a a lot of backlash from the community, as we've seen with the recent trophy deflation but pushing ladder for new cards was what made Clash Royale what it is today. Legendary arena should be full of high level, highly skilled players again.

Overall New Mechanics

Over the last year we have seen the same game mode be copy and pasted over and over again. The spawner challenges were really fun when they first released but now we need something new. In my opinion the most original gamemode in the game is touchdown, it takes the fundamentals of the game and changes the objective. The game is no longer about destroying towers but crossing a finish line (also the arena layout is completely different). This is what the game needs, variety. Its no coincidence that the most fun people have had on this game recently has been the 1 card glitch and 7x elixir. It changed how the game is played.

Here is some idea I had:

  • 1v1v1v1 - I believe this has been asked for before but have 4 king towers in a square formation would be absolutely awesome, the layout would completely change how the game is played
  • 3v3 - this would play out like a normal 2v2 but the 3rd player gets to control spells and abilities to aid their team.
  • 1v1v1 - the towers are in a triangular formation, bridges leading to each others towers and a bridge leading to the centre. In the centre is a capture point, dealing enough damage will capture the point, once the point is captured you will start to gain points, person with the most points at the end will win.
  • No card Cap - the player can use a deck with any amount of cards (1 - 102), it would be interesting to see what types of wackey decks people come up with.
  • Cursed troops - every troop the princess tower kills it spawns a random 1-3 elixir troop
  • Gamemodes that have limited time cards - Heros? Tombstones that spawn Giant skeleton?
  • Attack and defend - 2 players set up defences to protect from an incoming attack from 2 other players, after the attack has finished the roles are switched and now they are attacking.
  • PvE?
  • It would also be interesting to see a gamemode like this. Players advancing to the next round every win.


The aim of future gamemodes should be to switch the game up


This is the last point I am going to discuss in the post. Over the last 2 years we haven't really had anything new to do in game, so I think adding a PvE section would be beneficial (I am stealing some ideas from COC). Here it goes:

Every player has their own "homebase", kind of like COC's townhall. All the elixir you spend playing ladder (or maybe other gamemodes) fills up an elixir bank. The elixir in the elixir bank can be used to buy defences for your homebase. The longer you hold down your homebase the bigger rewards you will receive (this again could be a great way to give out challenge tickets). You can attack other homebases to steal their elixir and gain rewards. You could be able to attack friends Homebases and there could even be a global leaderboard showing who's Homebase has been standing the longest.

PvE could open up a whole new aspect to this game

I do think progression, CW2 and Ladder should be focused on more, fixing what needs to be fixed first before adding anything new would be the best idea.

So to end off this post I would like to say again that I am in no way a developer and if any of the points I raised in this post do not make any sense or are just trash please tell me in the comments. If you did like any of my solutions and ideas it would be great if you could upvote so u/Supercell_Drew might end up seeing this.

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