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redditMaxed out Monday. An idea.

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I've been playing this game off and off for about 3 years now. I play classic logbait and that's it, because I've spent all three years upgrading those cards (and I'm not even done yet). I've seen lots of posts suggesting changes to the challenges, like free challenge tokens and other ideas which I think are pretty good. The biggest problem that I have with this game is that you are basically forced to play one deck and you can't really test new ones out on ladder.

My solution? Have a " Maxed out Monday" (name in progress). Every card on this particular day is boosted to level 13. I think this does a few things. 1. Let's people that don't have all their cards maxed out try out new decks. 2. Puts everyone on an equal playing field for that one day, which is a better test of skill.

Usually, ideas like this are infeasible because they cut into SC's bottom line. BUT, I think this would actually help SC. why? Well, people try out all these different decks on this one day, then they say to themselves, "wow, I really liked that deck, but my cards are low level. I'm going to spend gems to upgrade my cards. Thanks Supercell!"

Tell me what you think of this idea, I think it would be a great addition to CR that would benefit all parties and wouldn't be hard to implement.

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