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Ok so in this post im going to change Cw2 into a completely new mode that will definitely make it better

First of all the main problems of Cw2 are

1) being unable to choose which player can participate and which cant (war is no skill and depends on number of players)

2) i believe card levels are a major issue and Cw2 should be TS

3) Cw2 was meant to be a new way to play the game (boat battles) but boat battles are extremely useless and nobody plays them

4) getting matched against the same 4 clans for the whole season

Imo wars should be 2 clans matching against each other and not 5 clans in a FFA? Match

I would rework it to be 2 clans against eachother and war would be 3 days with half the current rewards (2 half rewards = 1 full reward every week)

Day 1 battle day

This day would work like clash of clans.....each player sets up a defence and gets 1 attack

Players would discuss strategies and decide who is gonna attack who

Each attack would result in getting crowns and damage percentage and time left and at the end of the day the winning clan is the one with the most crowns and if tied we see percentages and if tied game would look at collected time left

Day 2 vanilla game mode

A random game mode is chosen through a wheel of fortune and can be almost any game mode


Rage mode

Sudden death


Troop spawner game modes

Certain troop buff game mode (like raged up giant or invisible pekka that might come next season)

Mega deck....you name it

Just so match making doesn't go through some hard time matching people each seasons wheel of fortune would feature 8 game modes and they would change every season

For every win a player gets he scores a point for his clan and if points tied the game would look at crowns and if tied time left and the winning clan gets a medal

Day 3 the tie breaker

So if you look above there is 2 medals and if each clan got one then we would have a tie

Thats where this day is supposed to break the tie (hence the name lmao)

This day will be kind of casual.......its a crown race

Every crown scored in the next 24 hrs counts....clan with the most crowns gets the 3rd (and victory) medal

Some important points

• Leader can choose who can participate in war and who cant so we can have a 10-50 players wars with fixed numbers for match making (ex 10 15 25 30 50)

•cards should be capped at TS

•im aware crown race is no skill and exploitable but i think it adds a new way to play the game and its not always the deciding factor (if your clan is more skilled it would've won both battles)

It can be changed tho if it didnt work out

•winning a war should give 50 trophies and the trophies are deducted from the losing clan

new clans can get to 3k in 120 days if they win every single war in 2 days and 180 days if all their wars reach tie breaker day

I think this Version is 100% better than the one we currently have

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