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A problem that I personally think that may improve the gameplay of the game is this: The troops that go directly to the tower. You know: giant, hog-rider, lava hound, golem, baloon, etc. I know that those are representative troops and all, and that are cards that specifically counter them, but listen, not all of us like using those other cards. I'm at 5700 trophies, with a P.E.K.K.A., electro wizard deck and I struggle with these types of matchups. I've been playing since the beginning, and just 3 days ago, literally, just FINALLY managed to max out my deck, just to lose 13 times in a row against this specific cards. I rely only on my skill to play around cards, but since the only thing they need to do to win is to support one specific card that they spam all the match, it is incredibly annoying. It would be different if you know what you're going against and maybe change a card or two, or something. Now then, the problem of many, MANY people not having max cards other than the original deck (and a few others, maybe) will arise. It is a vicious circle that's been around the last years. Am I wrong? I was so into Clash Royale, and I really enjoy it for quite a while, and I don't really want to quit it, but... My interest is decreasing, and I know many others out there are losing interest too.

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