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redditThe reason why Casual 1v1 will destroy Clash Royale, just as it killed Fortnite.

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Okay, I'm getting this out. Fortnite is not dead by any means. It's nowhere near it's former glory however.

Fortnite was thriving. Number 1 over all games, dethroned minecraft, it's special perk was that you do not need to spend to win; all were cosmetics. Pure skill and maybe a bit of luck based of your chest drops. But that contributed to it's downfall; it was purely skill.

See, when they released, what was it called? Playground? WHen they relesed Playground, people would spend hours training, training and TRAINING. Now, anyone who couldn't devote all their gaming time to Fortnite would lose, as 1) you couldn't pay. It was just skill and 2) they would be ultimately outskilled / outsmarted.

If there was casual 1v1 in Clash Royale, the same issue what occur. However, since the majority of casuals are also F2P, now you have 2 factors against you! Totally outlevelled and outskilled! I think just totally outlevelled is better than both, right?

I'll leave it there. I'm ready for the downvotes and 'but supercell no f2p' even though they make constant challenges, daily rewards, trophy road, crown chests, donations, cw2 all for the f2p.

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