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Have you ever wanted to practice a certain interaction but is unable to because you have no friends? I know how to feels to have lose a game because of one small mistake. So, i have come up with an idea to fix this issue!

This new mode would allow any player to place down however many troops in the arena and press a play button to animate them. There should be two modes to choose from, defend mode and sandbox mode.

Defend Mode: There will be a card rotation selector where you can decide your own card rotation when you press play. Save and share function would also be a great idea as you can create these 'Puzzles' of certain pushes to defend and challenge your friends to beat them.

Sandbox mode: Both of sides will have no card rotation. This mode is mainly just for fun as you can create those crazy battle healer battles at the bridge or those 100 Mega Knight vs 100 P.E.K.K.A videos that would get in somebody's recommended on youtube.

In conclusion, this is a simple yet fun idea to further expand on Clash Royale's potential. Think about the new interaction that people could come up with! Thank you for reading.

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