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redditTell me your favorite "just for fun" decks.

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I do not play much ladder. Instead I play a lot of 2v2 with my clanmates. I also like to make weird decks just for fun to run with them and test the possibilities. Here are two of my recent ones:

Noah's Ark (aka Deck Of The Gods): Giant, Ice Golem, Executioner, Wizard, Furnace, Tombstone, Rocket, Snowball. The basic idea is "2 of each". In this case, 2 tanks, 2 splash troops, 2 buildings, 2 spells. This particular incarnation was actually made by a clanmate and I just ran with it.

Anti-Logbait: Electro Wizard, Fire Spirits, Barbarian Barrel, Fireball, Zap, Arrows, Snowball, Log. This one came about after listening to a few clanmates talking about how they find themselves constantly facing logbait decks and how annoying they are. I'm actually above 50% using this in 2v2 with my clanmates. As one of them put it, it's part stupid, part awesome.

So now it's time for you to share. What are your favorite fun, definitely not meta decks you like to play around with?

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