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redditQuitting Clash Roayle after 5 years

Soul Crusher

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Dear Clashers,

the time has come: after 5 years of daily Clash Royale I will finally quit the game. I have been there from day 1 until now.

The reason is simple: The grind you need to invest into the game is just too high.

The fact that you need years (or at least one) or pay real money to max out a deck is just insane.

You all know it: You're always against a maxed opponent, no matter how low level your deck is. This is what happens, if you try to have fun in the game and try out a new deck you found.

You get punished for trying new things.

This is not how it is supposed to be.

I will switch to similar games where one can play all cards before investing a lot of money or time into leveling them, just to have the glimpse of a chance in a match.

After all, Clash Royale is supposed to be a game, not a money machine.

This is what most developers forgot nowadays. It is very sad.

Over and out.

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