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redditCard idea: Master Builder

Soul Crusher

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Master Builder:

cost- 5 elixir

Rarity : legendary

Movement speed: medium

Range: melee

Damage : low, comparable to ice wiz or mama witch

Appearance: master builder from coc

Hitpoints: like wiz or musketeer (die to lighting or rocket bur has a sliver of health if poison or FB is used)

Description: N/A (Haven't decided yet!)

Explanation about the card mechanics:

Once deployed it will restore 300 hp for a princess and King tower and 500 hp for an other building. After restoring it will go and fight and defend for his arena towers. Only can be used to restore their HPs once on king and princess tower and x-bow and mortar and twice on any other buiding(inferno tower, tesla, canon, spawners, collector)

I mean if it is used once on a king tower then it cannot be used again to restore that king tower again, then we have use it on any other building according to the explanation.

I know Its very unoriginal card Idea😅😅😅but everybody wanted to see a builder related card.

Any thoughts ???

submitted by /u/devroop_saha844
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