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Name: Rage Wagon Rarity: Epic Cost: 3 elixir Stats: HP 1300|MS very slow|HB large (Lvl 9 tournament standard)

Lore: The lumberjack had a spectacular idea of being able to always be in rage! He build this machine being completely filled up with rage spell to give his foes a hard time!

Appearance: think cannon cart + goblin cage, has some rage spell dripping

Main utility: the Rage Wagon has a aura like a electro giant, but bigger and its rage for your friendly troops, deals no damage and tries to hang out in the middle of your army, when destroyed it drops a full rage spell on the battlefield

Other Info: - Can only be knocked back by the log, - Great for building up a push to one lane - Could be used as a mini tank - Might replace Lumberjack in some decks

I know this isn’t perfect, but I kinda like an idea for a unit like this In the game, let me know what you think!

submitted by /u/_Rare1_Supreme
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