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redditI'm not getting gold for receiving extra trade tokens

Soul Crusher

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My trade tokens go over 10 without me having to do any tricks. For example on the current global tourney, I already had 10 epic and 10 rare trade tokens. When I won the rewards for 2 epic tokens and then 2 rare tokens, I held 12 epic tokens and 12 rare tokens. I did not have any outstanding trades pending, no trick was done, I just instantly got the tokens.

I just learned today that the game is supposed to give you gold instead of letting your tokens go above 10. I would much rather have the gold since I'm pretty much set on common/rare/epic cards (I've played the games over 4 years and I'm pretty much set aside from the new cards which I'm in no rush to get). I just been helping clanmates do any trades they want even if I don't need to the cards as I have no use for the tokens.

Anybody else have this problem or know how I can fix it?

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