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I have a high of 6k trophies but I usually sit around 5500. Cw2 matches me against 7k+ people ALWAYS. Seriously, I should compile screenshots of all my matches, these players are waaaaaay better than me but the algorithm keeps them coming. I have all 4 decks maxed, is this why? If I put 1 card that is level 7 in my deck, would that allow me to play slightly lower skilled players? I used to win -60% of clan war matches. Now with this new clan wars I can’t remember my last win. And the games aren’t even close. Sure bag on me for sucking, but it can’t be fun for these pros either, right? I mean they last person I played was ranked in the top 5k of the world... wtf. I’m just a dad thats been playing on the toilet for the last 4 years... get the f outta here with all these elixir counting, cycle watching prodigies. Just give me a couple good matches please for the love of god supercell.

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