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I only got 9 wins, so I played 14 matches.

6 out of 14 all matches were against a deck with balloon. I know 14 matches is a small sample size but considering what I see on ladder daily not totally surprised.

6 out of 14 had either gob or skele barrel. Again, considering ladder, no one should be surprised.

Since SC decided to take months between balance changed, I believe we are just seeing the diversity of cards used shrinking. Since balance changes happen so rarely, why wouldn’t everyone switch to the same decks?

Solution- (1) SC should recognize that their decision on waiting so long in between balance changes is bad. (2) the game is ridiculously out of balance. sC has said their goal would be to have all cards within 45-55% winrates, right now approx 1/3 of all cards are below that winrate. 12 cards are above that range. That means 42 of the 102 cards are not balanced. Yet SC thinks its best to balance less often? They should be balancing more.

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