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redditI’ve had enough of this BS! Why can’t a fisherman pull troops across the river normally!? Let me explain...

Soul Crusher

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The only way to pull is at some kind of 45 degree angle or less. Anything more will not get pulled across the river. The troops just stay on the other side. The only other way to bypass this is to place him a tile down but that’s only specific situations since his reach is only so far and targets the closest thing. I’m pretty sure I understand why this happens but can’t it be fixed? Why do I find this annoying? It’s annoying beca when they pop up across the river, the fisherman has to slowly walk to the bridge and in some cases he becomes in range to pull again. This is not effective in any way whatsoever. I know most people wouldn’t understand this but it’s a pretty huge problem that inhibits the fisherman’s full capability.

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