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reddit[IDEA] What If Legendary Cards Had Abilities? (PART 1)

Soul Crusher

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We all know the legendary cards and we all love at least one of them.

But the game is kinda becoming stale at this moment and it's not as good as it used to.

Today I am having an Idea that will make the game more fun and better than releasing new cards every time. This thing is called: Abilities (Name under progression)

Abilities are special techniques that every legendary card has and can be used 3 times per a match (Think of it like gadgets in brawl stars).

How to use it: Basically if you want to use it click on the card 2 times, a Glowing Rainbow will appear meaning that they can use their ability. To cancel it, you could just basically tap the card and it's gone

How does it work: It works when the troop is first landed on the battlefield, some will last for an amount of time, some will stay forever.

So I am going to show you the abilities I thought of for 3 legendary cards. So let's begin.

Night Witch: Black Magic

Night Witch will throw a magic spell on the arena. The last 2 TROOPS will respawn with 216 maximum HP and 2× Damage. It will not affect staged troops like Golems, Elixir Golems, Cannon Cart (Cart Form) and Elixir Golemites, but it will effect Golemites and Elixir Blobs.

This ability only works with Troops, meaning it will not work on buildings or spells.

Bandit: Stopping Time

The Bandit will stop time for 1.5 seconds, no one can do anything except the bandit, that includes the enemy cards and your cards. You can't deploy troops even if you used the bandit.

This is a time stop mechanic not a stun mechanic, so any charging troop like the prince will stay on their charging format even after the time resumes. Troops will not retarget, infernos will stay at their form.

E-Wiz: Direct Current

E-wiz will now have a chain attack that decreases by 5% when travelling up to 3 times. That means if there was a minion horde, it will strike all of them.

That's what I have, if you like it please share your feedback. Just don't be toxic.

Have a beautiful day and I see you all soon.

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