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redditNubslayer's 3.3 Princess cycle

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Nubslayer's 3.3 Princess cycle


Hello everyone I just wanna share this deck with you all. It have princess as it's win condition and have strong offense and defensive capabilities, forcing out spells from you opponents and punish with goblin barrel


Log: (zap, snowball, arrows) standard small spell

princess: win condition, can also be use for support, you can place her at the bridge with skeletons or any half dead troops

Goblin Barrel: punish, if your opponent plays a spell, play this to counter, otherwise spam this as much as possible since the opponent then have no answer to the princess

Tesla: (Bomb tower, canon, tombstone) Defensive building, can be placed on the bridge to protect princess with skeletons, kind of like in x bow decks, after they spell or something it can also kill off any leftover troops

Rocket: (poison, EQ) Spell, if you can't break through with princess end game start rocket cycling once u have a Tesla down.

Skeletons: (Ice spirit, heal spirit, electro spirit) cycle card, using it because I use hunter instead of goblin gang, if you use goblin gang use a spirit instead

Fisherman: (Knight, Valk, Ice Golem) Tank troop, fisherman is especially good with hunter in this deck because of it's defensive capability and ability to snipe annoying troops like firecracker and bomber.

Hunter: (Goblin Gang) Air/Ground DPS, goblin gang works as well but they don't deal enough damage, Hunter is really good since it can counter many things and kill Win Con quickly. Especially good with fisherman


Lavaloon: hard matchup, but doable since you have Tesla and hunter and rocket for the ballon

lumberloon: fish the lumberjack and hunter the ballon, and then princess at the bridge

Golem: fish it to the king tower, and use princess, skeletons, hunter etc to kill the remaining supports

Royal Giant: fish in middle and Tesla/hunter, then princess

Mega Knight: fish to king or if ur good, kite to king with skeletons

Elixir Golem: Rocket the whole push and then hunter/princess

Logbait: Hunter is really good in this matchup, you can even Tesla at the bridge to prevent princess

Skeleton barrel Logbait: log the skeleton barrel and hunter the Goblin Barrel, fisher the dart gob

Prince log bait: fisherman and skeleton

Miner wallbreakers: princess can two shot the wall breakers, get Tesla down, log the spear gob and keep your princess alive.

Mortar bait: block and dps it, although it is kind of tough

Graveyard: Hunter, princess, skeletons, keep up the pressure so u don't get overwhelmed

Hog 2.6/EQ: Fisherman, Hunter, Tesla

Pekka: kinda hard, but u have cards to counter

Sparky: rocket

And many more

Tell me your thought on this via comments

submitted by /u/oSalmon
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