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Global Tournament 15x value rewards explained

Tournament banner

With the introduction of CW2, Global Tournament (GT) rewards have stabilized. You'll probably have noticed that the GT banner announces 15x value rewards, so today we are going to take a look on them and explain why you should take the bonus rewards after 10 wins.

In the table below we can see:

  • Bonus rewards per win
  • Conversion to their Gold Value (GV)
  • Cumulative GV/ gem, knowing that they will always cost 500 gems no matter how many wins you did
  • Cumulative net value, which is a proxy of the value you see in shop offers
  • The equivalent value you get from Grand Challenge (GC) wins

For further explanation of these concepts (specially how is the Gold Value computed) please refer to the post Best use of gems (Updated 2020).

GT wins Bonus reward Gold Value Cumulative GV Cumulative GV/ gem Cumulative net value Equivalent GC value

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