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I'm playing since 2017 but have been on and off during these 3 years. Last time I played before last month was actually in 2019. 99% f2p.

I'm currently level 10 with 5 level 11 cards (skarmy, minion horde, bomber, fire spirits and zap), most of my cards are or can go to level 10 or 9, main exceptions being hunter, royal ghost, barb barrel, earthquake, ebarbs and cards released last year (because I came back only a month ago). Cards I haven't unlocked are royal ghost and fisherman.

I'm currently playing with lumberjack, skeleton barrel, tesla, fireball, log, skarmy, fire spirits and bats (3.0 average elixir). Yes, only 2 of my five level 11 cards, I've made many tests recently ;) Except the aforementioned two level 11, all are level 10 except Log level 9 (got it in the logmas chest, hence the zap level 11 I used before)

With this I'm currently around 4500 trophies, pb 4790 (from the early days of trophy road, with onlyy 3 cards in common with my current deck).

I'm wondering about adding a minitank (ice golem or knight), but don't know which card to remove. I've actually tried to switch for ice golem all cards of my deck but sk barrel ;) Thoughts ?

Also, I'm wondering about zap/log, with this deck killing tanks can take quite a long time so I chose the log to kill a goblin barrel placed during this time or to kill a witch/NW placed behind with fireball. At the same time, removing an anti-air card would probably require me to go back to zap.

And there are also the fire spirits, I'm wondering about replacing it with Ice spirit but I like the damage they do...

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