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Individual Clan Groups, Forums & Applications FAQ

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Clan Groups:

Clan groups provide a way of communicating to your entire clan at once without others seeing what is being discussed.  Clan groups can be created upon request for individual clans.  Once created a leader or co-leader will be placed in charge of the clan group.  From there they can add or remove members as needed. 


Clan Forums:

Individual clan forums provide a dedicated area for you to communicate with your clan.  Individual clan forums can be created upon request.


Clan Applications:

Clan applications allow clan leaders and col-leaders to choose who they ultimately let in their clan.  An unlimited amount of criteria can be added to clan applications.  Once an application is created, a topic is created in an individual clan forum with the applicant's information.  From there, the application can be accepted or rejected and a message will be sent to the applicant.  


If you are interested in any or all of the above for your clan, please Contact Us!

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