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[SUPERCLASHBRO$ / Clan tag #9VV8QCLY Recruiting 4,000+ active players]

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Our guild is one year old, we have a base of players who've played the entire year, we have players who've joined recently, we've had players that've quit. We're at 2070 war trophies. Lately our player base has been a bit inactive, some a bit unruly. I am a founder of the guild, but not the creator, and very recently requested Leader rank of the guild to help trim the fat and beef the muscles of a guild that I respect integrally.  People who've been the entire year can easily donate 500+ cards a week, but the few who came in between are not so pumped, therefore, i'm seeking forum methods of recruitment, that way i can raise the bar to something near REQUIRE 200 donations a week for a pearly 10,000 donations per year, and active war status.
Accepting all applications that meet the trophy count, trial by fire, and plenty of room for me to trim players for new more active people.


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