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[3000] New clan lookin to start a new community of donators traders etc. #YCORYCLU

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Come join RulesOfTheDuel - the trailer clan, come help us grow and become a part of a community.
We are pretty leniant, show respect however, and generally be a supportive and kind member. We don't ask for much other than to build a close community of people that can help eachother with this amazing game.
If you go inactive or don't donate enough without notice (100/week is fine) we will take action.
Come join! Introduce yourself on arrival and promotions will be given out to early joining trusted members!
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Hey I stopped pass your clan and left a message! My clan is the TriState Kings clan Tag #PPY9G2 you four are welcome to join so we can build a stronger clan.

TriState Kings 

Clan Tag #PPY9G2

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