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Card Idea: Cake trap

Soul Crusher

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A small 2 or 3 Elixir building card, rare or legendary. 100-300 health. 100-300 death damage.

Troops will be attracted to it from farther away than normal. When destroyed, it drops a 300 damage bomb with a large radius (6 tiles) and a short fuse. If the building is next to another one, troops will go towards the cake trap instead (its cake, after all).

The card is especially useful to counter swarm enemies. It will have enough health to ensure all of the troops get close enough, but still very little to be 2 or 3 elixir. It could also be used to distract giants, hogs, and other building attackers. It would be as if you placed an ice golem at the center against a melee troop. The cheapness plays a big part. If you are elixir starved and a swarm of enemies is threatening your tower, you can place it to distract them and wipe out any skeletons/goblins/minions that are there.

The card acts as a defensive zap, and also a defensive building. It can wipe out swarm enemies, distract hogs/giants, and deal some damage in the process. Troops will notice it from farther away than normal, and will always attack it over a different building (excluding crown towers). It acts much like an ice golem, defensive building, and zap all in one.

I hope this sounds cool to you, if it does please upvote!

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