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Please nerf splashyard. (Main problem is the newly buffed spawners)

Soul Crusher

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I can't believe I'm saying this, but splashyard is pretty oppressive. As a splashyard player myself, I think I see what's wrong with these decks. Usually, they would have tombstone. While yes, it is a spawner, it was relatively easy to take care of. Kinda explains why it was 3 elixer. Anything that did over 300 damage 1 shot it. But the Skeletons were very good at distracting, which is why splashyard used it. But with these buffs to the other spawners and bomb tower being very helpful, splashyard has been made into a deck that is really oppressive. The problem is the spawners. At least with bomb tower you can send it anything to weaken it or have a high damage unit in your push. But with gob hut and Barb hut, you have buildings that have relatively high health and spawn troops. They both have the role of bomb tower (High HP) and the role of tombstone (Distracting units). And there's no way of getting a positive elixer trade from the spawners, especially gob hut. If you use earthquake, it will spawn at least 2 more and the death spawn. If you use poison, it will still spawn at least 2 more and the death spawn also appears. Rocket is a negative elixer trade on the spot, and fireball doesn't do shit. And you can't ignore them either. The longer they are on the field, the more value they get, so you have to get rid of them immediately. Basically unless you have something that hard counters splash, you won't be able to win unless they make a mistake. Which in the pro scene is really rare. This meta is going to become the equivalent of an X-bow meta: pure defense and slow games unless we nerf the spawners so other, more offensive decks come into the meta.

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