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redditGenius card idea: The Abominable Snowman, 9 elixir legendary

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This card only makes sense, he’d play as a mix of Peka, Golem, and a drop of Mega Knight...literally. He would also play as a good counter style to using 3 Musketeers. Strong anti ground and melee cards.

His first form is The Abominable Snowman: he drops in like the Mega Knight, however has the same exact effect as a Giant Snowball (only 300 damage) -The Abominable Snowman only has 3000 health (giving him less than 7 elixir tanks) but has a slow and powerful swing doing 1000 damage with Royal Ghost range. -On death he explodes with a Giant Snowball effect doing 300 damage. -In place spawns 3 Snowmen Soldiers which only have 200 Heath but have a medium movement and attack speed, doing a solid 200 damage. -On death each explode with an Ice Golem effect doing 100 damage -In each of their places spawn 3 Mini Snowmen who only have 10 Heath and do a small but yet fast attack of 30 damage. -On death each explode with an Ice Golem effect only doing 20 damage

This card would work as a great defensive card, it would be the ultimate anti tank’s, tank! Fighting off the Abominable Snowman turns their defense into aid for their offense, slowing all of your close ranged and ground troops. This allows for possibly a Hog Rider to get through. This cards mains weakness would be ranged cards and air. The snowmen explosions will slow and damage air but not as bad as ground. Defending would play like fighting off a slightly weaker Peka that has stronger, bigger attacks. Fighting off the last 2 forms would play like fighting off 3 Guards that turn into Larry’s while slowing near by things. This would be the ideal moment to attack,

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