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redditDear 2v2 Teammate,

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You DO NOT need to use elixir as soon as you have enough to that drop one card. Save your elixir, build a strong push with me. That lone hog rider isn’t gonna do much, and now you’re at zero elixir, so please don’t be shocked when I can’t defend their counter push on my own.

Please wait for their push to come ACROSS the bridge before you start defending it. Our princess tower can be very helpful when their troop is in its range.

Sometimes, the best defense is to not play any cards at all. You really don’t need to use a 2 elixir zap on those 3 bats coming. They won’t hurt.

If our opponent has a lone firecracker coming our way at the start of the game, DO NOT defend it. She will activate king tower on her own, which is worth the one hit.

If I have elixir golem in my deck, please DO NOT clone it. You know how that card works don’t you?

Speaking of elixir golem, if YOU have it, please DO NOT play it at every chance you get. Take it slow, make sure we can build a strong push together, preferably in double elixir.

If I make a single mistake, PLEASE do not throw your fireball at king and leave the game. We are able to come back and win!

While on the king tower topic, yes thank you for poisoning their musketeer, but next time make sure you AVOID the king tower so you don’t activate it.

Please DO NOT place your spawner so close to the bridge that anything can hit it from the other side.

Remember that a Tesla goes UNDERGROUND when no troops are near it. I know our opponents will never know, but I sure as heck didn’t appreciate you using a 6 elixir lightning on a half dead underground Tesla, and missing the princess tower while you’re at it.

Thank you,

Your 2v2 Teammate

(I’m sure if you’re on this sub reading this, it probably doesn’t apply to you, but maybe it’ll actually help someone, or get a laugh. Are there any other scenarios I missed?)

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