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All the changes are at Tournament level standard.

Barbaraian hut (Nerf):

-Added a firts spawn delay of 2 seconds

-Spawn speed 13 seconds-->14 seconds

Goblin hut (Rework):

-2 seconds delay on the first spawn

-Hp +6% 844--->892

More hp to giustify the 1 elixir cost difference from furnace and to compensate for the initial delay.

Furnace and Fire spirits (Reworks)

Fire spirits:

-Hp 91--->110 (can survive at one dart goblin and stab goblin hit)

-Range 2-->2.5

-Damage -5% 176-->167


-First spawn delay of 2 seconds

-Life time 50 seconds-->40 seconds

-Spawn count at destruction 0--->3

(I wanted to make furnace less annoying to deal against thanks to less fire spirits damage and less lifetime, but giving it more spell value)

-Defensive building standardization-

Tesla (Nerf):

Lifetime 35s---->30s

(Tesla is the most utilized defensive building in top 1000 and also is the reason why xbow is so strong)

Bomb tower (Rework):

Lifetime 25s-->30s

Hp -4% 1126-->1080

Now all defensive building (tesla, cannon, inferno tower and bomb tower) have the same lifetime.

Fisherman (Nerf)

-Hp -6.2% 800-->750 (like bandit and night witch)

-Will not be anymore immune by tornado

Witch (Buff):

-Hp +7,8% 696--->750 (same as night witch and bandit, can survive at fireball+zap)

Bats (Buff):

Hitspeed 1.3s--->1.2s

Wizard (Rework):

-Elixir cost 5-->4

-Hp 598--->590 (same as ewiz and icewiz)

-Damage 234-->216 (can't kill mega minion in 3 shots or skeleton dragons in 2 shots)

-Range 5.5-->5

-Hit speed 1.4-->1.6

(Same as furnace i want to make wizard less annoying to face for mid ladder players, but also i want to make it a viable option on top ladder due to lower elixir cost)

Earthquake (Rework):

-Movement speed reduction 50%-->20%

-Hit speed reduction 0%-->20%

-Spawn speed reduction 0%-->20%

This card is useless agains beatdown decks with no swarms and no building, i want to make it less rng without make it too strong like when it has the 35% slow effect.

Executioner (Rework)

-Damage +10% 140x2-->154x2

-Projectile range 6.5-->6

Flying machine (Rework):

-Hp 510--> 440

-Damage 142-->159

Royal delivery (Buff):

-Damage +5% 362-->380 (this card is one of the least used spells, now the recruit can kill wizards and musketeer in 2 hits instead of three).

Firecracker (buff,fix)

-Projectile speed increased

-Damage 53×5--->67×4 (Total damage 265-->268)

Firecracker always miss fast troops from long distance or in the other lane and this thing is too annoying, that's way she is one of least used ranged cards in the game. Also one sparkle can't kill skeletons or bats (Hunter can kill them with each bullets so firecracker should do it too).

Mega knight:

-Hp 3330--->1

-Damage 222--->1

-Jump damage 444-->1

(With this changes noob players can finally counter the Mega knight)

Royal giant:

Range 5--->0.1

Hp 2544--->0.0000000001

Damage 254--> -254 (now it will damage your own tower)

(I wanted to include also elixir golem and battle healer because i think they needs a rework too, but i don't know excatly how to rework them)

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