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redditPono's miner cycle deck is the worst deck in the Fanta royale challenges.

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Hi everyone, just finished my nightmare experience in the last Fanta royale challenges. Quick note for all the readers I played in 3 different accounts so the total count of battle rappresent the total of all them combined and not a single one also im going to give the experience of some of my clanmates.

In my main account I got 9-2 (with no reset) and the 2 defeats were by me using the Pono's deck.

In my second account I got 9-5 (one reset) and again all 5 defeats were by me using Pono's deck.

In my third account I got 9-7 (2 reset) and I had 4 defeats because I got to use Pono's deck, one disconnection and 2 defeats against really good GY players.

Of 14 defeats 11 were because I got to use Pono's deck.

I just can't simply describe with words how Pono's deck was simply put to make people lose the challenges and it is a garbage deck. Every single time I had someone with it against I won by 3 crowing them every single time, this deck can't break through the GY decks because of building and can't defend well Megaknight+fisherman combo and even the ebarb decks have perfect match up with cannon cart and magic archer to support push and ghost to quickly kill any small units. The only possible match up that it isn't a 90-10 against this deck is the 2.6 that could be described as a 60-40 for the hog deck.

All my clanmates that entered the challenge lost every single time they used Pono's decks except for opponenet's disconnection or against a 2.6 hog deck one time.

As always good idea SC while thinking for a balanced challenges.

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