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reddit[Mini Subreddit Rant] Stop asking for Hard Level Caps.

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Oh boy, could it be: another RANT about people wanting everything for free? Well, this is actually more of a QoL change than a reward, so there goes my speech.

Anyway, hello there fellow redditors. I, too, am a simple redditor just like all of you, but with a different goal. Today, I have decided that I wanna make a post addressed to everyone who keeps complaining about not having hard level caps.

But before dipping into the sauce of this post, here's a disclaimer:

Disclaimer: Please, keep pressing that downvote button. I BEG YOU to press that downvote button (It's not like it's gonna hurt me anyway, since those are just internet points.)

Alright, let's dip in!

Why Adding Hard Level Caps is Actually a Problem

Now before you plunge those pitchforks deep down my throats, I want to say that Level Caps will definitely improve the players' experience by providing a level-playing field for the fighters, there's no denying that.

But here's the problem.



And while some people could easily brush this off, saying 'hurr durr Supercell so rich they can rest on their laurels', you should keep in mind that this is a company we're talking about. At the core, a company's sole existence is based on one aspect: money.

Now, let's dive into the reason as to why adding hard level caps could do more harm than good.

Why Adding Level Caps is Potentially Damaging for Supercell

Again, you can keep saying that the Supercell headquarters are made of diamonds, and that they're richer than Scrooge McDuck, but the fact still remains.

They are a business. They NEED the currency to keep going, and not be overthrown by the competitors, regardless of their current state.

They could be the largest conglomerate in the entire world, and STILL need money. That's how businesses are made, and that's how they will run. It is the first thing in their priority.

Ever since the update was made, the team made it clear that they want Clans to be a bigger part of the game, by lumping a chunk of the resources into this new mode, promising the people within the Clans that their progress will be boosted. People were sort of lumped into clans, alongside their hope of getting more rewards.

It's one of the only two places within the entire game where card progress matters, and where Supercell could monetize the game from. Every other game mode either used card levels to match players, or is tournament standard.

People are crying because Clan Wars uses levels. But here's the thing.

Supercell MONETIZES levels. Their primary business model IS Pay-to-Progress.

What do you think will happen if they add Level Caps?

Exactly, they will lose on revenue.

Since people now have fairer matchmaking, they're gonna ditch Ladder (the omg elite farm barns gamemode) in favor of this 'F2P-Friendly' mode.

From there, they will keep using CWII as a way to progress, without the need of ACTUALLY paying money to progress (which is how Supercell monetizes the game) in order to get maxed.

Ladder will be the only place where progress really matters, but oh wait, it's already ditched by the casuals.

You see where I'm going with this? They monetize progress, and they need people to pay for it, in order to get their paychecks. To add Level Caps, they would have to either change their business model completely, or give up a huge chunk of revenue.

Final Thoughts

It will naturally make players happier to have Level Caps in the game, but to add them in a gamemode that could be a new way for Supercell to monetize the game is not very ideal.

Sure, people will be super positive about it, but an 'I love you' message 150 times ain't gonna recover their profits. So stop asking for Level Caps.

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