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redditHow to make Wars 2 more meaningful with only small tweaks

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Apologies if someone has had a similar idea, but I've not seen it.

Part 1: River Race

Exactly the same approach as the current river race with 2 minor changes. First, the race only lasts for 6 days, and second, there is no finish line, it just becomes who has the most fame after 6 days, have the river as visual representation of clans position relative to each other, which would then allow boat attacks, and same as now, boats can't earn fame when the boat has been sunk.

Winners after 6 days get the same rewards as current river race (+20/+10 and so on) + plus an additional reward that feeds into part 2 of the weekly race (to be discussed later)

Part 2: Coliseum Duels

On the 7th day, Coliseum duels. Everyone gets to do 1 duel in the coliseum, with duels working as they do now, with no other battle options available.

Players are awarded points for their duel performance - 3 for a 2-0 win, 2 for a 2-1 win, 1 for a 1-2 loss and 0 for a 0-2 loss.

The clans and then ranked on points, with towers taken as a tiebreaker. Then there is also the other bonus from the river race. The clan that wins the river race gets 5 bonus points, the clan that comes 2nd in the river race gets 3 bonus points, and the clans that comes 3rd gets 1 bonus point.

Clan trophy rewards are then in line with what you get for winning the last week of the race (+100/+50 and so on). So a clan that wins both the race and coliseum day would get 120 clan trophys.

Weekly rewards would remain same as they are currently, but based on performance on coliseum day.

Why i think it will work well;

Would only require minimal rework of current war system.

Having a coliseum day i think would bring back a lot of of camaraderie and celebration that CW1 had where there is a specific, do or die one chance battle that everyone can get on board with and spectate.

Being able to earn up to 120 clan trophies every week gives clans a genuine chance to progress through the tiers unlike the current approach where it will take 9 months to move from Legendary I to Legendary II

Having a bonus tied to the river race provided a genuine incentive for clans to keep going throughout the week and removing the racing element eliminates the time zone issues completely.

What could be improved.

The reward for winning the river race and tying it into coliseum day.

Let me know what you all think

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