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Hello ya’ll,

So this is going to be on the low effort side of posts, but I thought I’d try and shine some light on one of the more glaring examples of opportunities missed by the Royale team in my opinion. When I think about what the game is lacking, I think diversity of gameplay options could be in question, but for the most part...

We need Troop Skins! And I don’t mean the half-baked star skin feature we currently have. While some are certainly worth keeping around, like Cannon Cart’s for example, I think Clash Royale needs that ever-present and independent of progression type of feature that Fortnite did so well (and of course many many games since and before). The art direction of Royale has always been excellent; let the team run with their imaginations a bit. Give us a Santa Claus ice wiz, a Robin Hood magic archer, a Royale Ghost that’s getting ready for bed with slippers and pajama hat.

Of course, many skins would be monetized or for gems, as non-progression cosmetics should be. To me, this would be a real jolt for my interest in the game. And, I can imagine a future where each card has a mini library of options, and you could make your deck an all pirate team!, or something like that. I’m not sure why this hasn’t garnered more attention. Because, in my opinion, Supercell should be leaning heavier on its strengths, which is its quality of art. Whether it be in-game models, animated series, or those amazing commercials they gift us from time to time. My personal favorite: Christmas last year, ice skating wiz to dream on

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