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redditSeason 18 Balance Wishlist: Huge changes to slowdown and boost effects!

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Wanted to post these ideas before Meme Monday.

I think this season is actually great! After two months, we finally got some much-needed changes to Clan Wars II, and although I don't think they fix many of the more fundamental problems, they've made the wars at least a little more bearable. The arena and tower skins were some of the best. More importantly to me is that the meta is finally rolling with Elite Barbarians and Electro Giant finally making their introduction to competitive Royale and proving to be pretty unique.

As usual, I will use bold italic to underline the important points, but if you want to understand my intentions, you should still read the whole thing and even hit me with a comment if you want to discuss it further. Stats mentioned are from RoyalaAPI, Grand Challenges 1d over the last few weeks, but I've also considered other data and feedback.

Rage effects: Boost reduced from 35% to 30%

Rage rework:

  • Boost strength reduced
  • Cost reduced to 1 elixir
  • Radius reduced (5 > 4)
  • Reduced duration at level 1 (6sec > 4sec at level 6)
  • Reduced upgrading strength (0.5sec/level > 0.2sec/level)
  • Pulse speed increased (0.25sec > 0.2sec)
  • Lingering duration reduced (2sec > 0.2sec)

All status effects, like slowdowns and stuns, are consistent across levels for all cards except for Rage and Lumberjack. Rage has no damage or hitpoints, so its duration gets buffed. This is why Rage needs to be turned into Rage Spirit. I think that making Rage cheaper with a weaker rage effect would create a fairly good transition while work is being done.

Here are the reasonings and/or technical explanations about the bullet points:

* Rage wouldn't be able to have reasonable stats if it stays at 2 elixir with a 30% rage boost. There isn't much to increase to compensate. So, cost goes to 1 elixir.

* Not much reasoning behind reducing the radius, I just thought it would be more balanced. It would look weird for a 1-elixir spell to cover that much area.

* The duration changes are the main balancing factor. They also reduce the value of leveling it up.

* Faster pulse speed means that the Rage spell would on average react slightly faster to units entering its radius. It's needed to accomodate the new equation for the spell's duration.

* Lingering duration makes it so the effect holds for only 0.2 seconds, therefore exiting the radius cancels the effect quickly.

Lumberjack rework:

  • Death Rage duration is now 10 seconds at all levels (from 7.5 seconds at level 9)
  • Death Rage pulse speed increased (0.25sec > 0.2sec)
  • Death Rage lingering duration reduced (2sec > 0.2sec)

Neither a buff, nor a nerf. It doesn't matter that it's different compared to Rage spell, it's like how Heal Spirit and Battle Healer have different healing amounts and radii. Because Rage effects become weaker with my changes, I buffed the duration and made it consistent.

Elixir production reduced to 1.3x - 2.6x - 3.9x (from 1.35x - 2.7x - 4.05x) in the following gamemodes:

  • Boat Battles (for the defenses as well)
  • The Floor Is Rage
  • Other modes that occasionally use this pattern

The elixir production in these gamemodes is intended to mimic it being "raged". It's a little messy as the second digit after the floating point doesn't show in the overlay, but there would no longer be such inconsistencies. Since rage effects are now 1.3x instead of 1.35x, these gamemodes get their elixir production tweaked to be multiples of 1.3 instead of 1.35

Rage effect strength reduced in the following unique cases:

  • The effect everything gets in The Floor Is Rage
  • The effect of the boosted troop in "Stop the X!" gamemodes

Besides consistency, I've personally always felt that the 35% boost in all these gamemodes felt like just a little too much.

Slowdowns: Debuff reduced from 35% to 30%

Giant Snowball nerf: Slowdown strength reduced

Giant Snowball is less popular than Zap, but has a consistent high winrate and is generally considered better by pros. I don't think this change needs to be compensated for, as often, a lot of Snowball's slow time is actually taken by the immobility from knockback.

Ice Golem nerf: Slowdown strength reduced

This is such an insignificant nerf to Ice Golem that it doesn't need to be compensated. I don't think it would be noticable.

Ice Wizard rebalance: Slowdown strength reduced, Sight range +0.5, Damage +20% (75 > 90)

Ice Wizard is one of the main reason I changed slowdowns. I have talked to a number of people and came to a conclusion that he needs to be reworked, partly because of his defensive synergy with Tornado. This comment explains it pretty well. The Tornado rework that reduced the duration didn't help as much, since everything still needs to walk back while being slowed down when Tornado is played with an Ice Wizard. The overall reduced pull strength also didn't matter, since Ice Wizard's slowdown still makes units too weak to resist it.

A reduction in Ice Wizard's slowdown is clearly a solution to this. Because this is quite a massive nerf to him, I also buffed his damage and increased his sight range so you can more often play him to defend a push on the opposite lane, similar to Musketeer.

Fisherman rebalance & bugfix:

  • Hook slowdown removed
  • 0.5sec Hook "stun" introduced
  • Can now be pulled by Tornado, disrupting his hook wind-up

Usage 13-15%, Win 53-59%

Fisherman is a bit overpowered, but I think more needs to change to him than just a small reduction in the slowdown, especially since he has a few bugs. I replaced the slowdown with a short stun, which is more potent but overall weaker. This way, he will be more predictable in things like whether it can hit spirits before they jump.

The new interaction with Tornado is a bugfix. There are so many bugs but I don't want to clutter the post with them.

Other changes

Because the changes to slowdown and rage effects already affect a lot of things, I went pretty barebones here and only addressed three other cards.

Barbarian Barrel: Barbarian deploy time increased (0.5sec > 0.7sec)

Usage 36-43%, Win 54-56%

Barbarian Barrel has been dominating challenges for the last few months. I believe the barrel should still be able to take down shields, so what's left is nerfing its reach or the barbarian inside. I went for the latter as I think the barbarian unit itself is fairly balanced. With a 0.7sec deploy time, the barbarian will start moving or attacking a bit later. Left ignored, the barbarian would only manage to land a single swing on a tower (worse than before).

About Heal Spirit: I think the best way to change it would be something relevant to healing mechanics in general. The list is already too big to do more rebalancing, on top of also tackling Battle Healer. I may bring it up in my next wishlist if Heal Spirit doesn't get nerfed this month.

Barbarian Hut: First spawn delayed by 1sec

Usage 9-15%, Win 50-56%

A Barbarian Hut nerf is popular demand as it is, undoubtedly, one of the strongest cards in the game. This change would make it easier to hit both Barbarians of the first wave with a well-timed spell. Also, the hut would be less reactive and would also occasionally spawn in one less wave than before the nerf.

Electro Spirit: Damage +7.5% (84 > 91)

Usage 1-2%, Win 39-53%

The Electro Spirit is a unique fun card. A lot of players thought it was a better Ice Spirit, but after its boost expired, it has been performing rather poorly. This change buffs Electro Spirit's damage to that of the Ice and Heal Spirits.

Boat Battles King Tower:

  • Name changed: King Fort
  • Visuals changed: The king now controls a cannon behind a fort of sandbags
  • Hitpoints doubled: From 1/8 to 1/4 of the respective king tower level

The king tower on top of a boat is a visual disaster, kind of. It doesn't make sense to be there and it misguides new players that it's their big bulky king tower, when in fact it's made of paper.

This would fix both problems. Also, I believe Boat Battles are a little too punishing right now, with one single tiny mistake being able to cost the entire fight, which can feel pretty shitty. I buffed the king tower's hitpoints a little bit to make small mistakes a little more manageable. The hitpoints would go from being like a flying machine to being like an executioner.

submitted by /u/Mew_Pur_Pur
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