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Mini Peka is and Bomb Tower are NOT OP they are only in because there is no good alternative.

Soul Crusher

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In the last few seasons, the usage and win rate of Mini Peka and Bomb tower has been increasing but I don't think it because their op I believe that it is simply because there is no good alternative. Since LJ the only other 4 elixir tank buster isn't that popular right now Mini Peka has swooped into the meta. And also ever since arrows got that buff and came into the meta cards like guards that kept Mini Peka in check are now pretty weak hence Mini Peka is much more difficult to counter with swarm Bomb tower once one of the worst cards in the game now one of the best. Ever since Elixir Golem came out people realized that the card wasn't as bad as everyone once thought. I believe that Mini Peka if it doesn't get a nerf then they should rework/buff lumberjack bu reverting that hitspeed nerf it got awhile back and give LJ a slight hp nerf making it one again a good tankbuster. And also buff guards. Guards even before the indirect nerf with arrows were struggling in the meta. Their underwhelming stats show that they need a buff. Tell me what you guys think

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