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So a couple of years ago the new fire spirits card was released; the power of a fireball compressed into spirits hence the name.

I believe that the fire spirits were the first "spirit" card to be introduced to the game. Later other spirits were added including the ice, heal and electro spirits.

Now if we compare all these cards the most unique one is the fire spirits

As in.. they are the only ones capable of splitting on both lays.

But this ability to spit is interrupted by the health of each spirit All other spirits can reach the tower with ease while the fire spirits have to sacrifice a member to reach .

By now you should see the problem. I am suggesting that the fire spirits get their health standardized with the other spirits

This will help the overall card utility while also added another counter to this fireball bait meta.

I know this can lead to a surge in the furnace But if this so happens a health nerf/eq buff could be implemented.

All I'm mainly asking is to improve what firespirits are unique at

I hope that the firespirits don't become a singular spirit as that would really ruin that quick ,high damage response for 2 elixer

If you've read all the way here I would like to ask you to leave an upvote or comment your opinions of firespirits and furnace

As this will help this post to reach more people. Now its 1.11 am where I am so I need to go to sleep Have a great day and bye bye

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