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redditA quick post to explain why graveyard is harder to balance than it seems

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I know there’s been a lot of comments about how prevalent graveyard has been in the meta, and how the rework last month didn’t really change anything. I’ve also seen a lot of comments suggesting “well just reduce the number of skeles for now” and not really understanding why Supercell is supposedly dragging its feet on nerfing this card.

The reason they’re dragging their feet (at least in my opinion) is that ... they’re not. Nerfing this card is hard. It may not seem like it on its face, but graveyard is an exponential card — meaning its power grows by order of magnitude the longer it goes uninterrupted. The only other cards in the game with this ramp-up aspect are the inferno cards.

So what does that mean? It means that for every one skeleton you remove from graveyard, you make the card worse by an order of magnitude. For example, let’s assume Player A drops a naked graveyard and his opponent, Player B, for whatever reason, doesn’t defend it at all. Let’s also assume Player A has the worst RNG luck on the planet and not a single skeleton makes contact until the spell ends (I doubt that’s even possible, but we’re looking at worst-case scenario for A).

So what’s this mean? Well B’s princess tower is going to fire as much as she can, so by the time the spell ends, she’ll have been able to kill 12 Larrys, leaving only 8, and a pristine tower. No problem right? Wrong.

Princess tower fires a shot every .8 seconds, so it would take 6.4 seconds to finish the skels. In that time, each skeleton gets off a max of six shots. So before all those skeles die, they would deal 3,240 damage (8x98 + 7x98 + 6x98 + 5x98 + 3x98 + 2x98 + 1x98). That’s pretty much a whole tower.

Ok, so you say a 5-elixir card shouldn’t be able to do that much damage, even if completely undefended. Fair enough, so let’s try reducing the number of graveyard skeletons from 20 to 19. Now in our example, B’s princess has just 7 skeletons to contend with. That max potential drops from 3,240 to 2,450 (7x98 + 6x98 + 5x98 + 4x98 + 2x98 + 1x98), an almost 25% drop in damage.

So weakening the card’s spawn ability by the bare minimum (5%) would weaken the card by 25% at the least, which is clearly a number way too big for Supercell to take a chance on.

And you might argue that the scenario I laid out above is way too unlikely and would never happen during a game, and I’d say you’re right. But that doesn’t make the problem simpler; it makes it far, far more complex. Graveyard is a wincon that’s contingent on probably more card interactions than any other win con, simply by nature of the fact that the Larrys won’t automatically be drawn to the tower.

I know that went a little long, but I thought it was worth it to explain why graveyard is so much harder to nerf than your typical wincon. I hope this helps!

Ps Please feel free to add onto my math. The formulas for dictating the RNG damage are well beyond my education level, so I stuck to the basics of what I knew.

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