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How to counter every card with skarmy

Impossible to counter: Golem Balloon, Lava hound, E-giant, Skeleton Barrel (Can get rid of skele damage)

Graveyard: just kinda place it in the circle

Minion horde: center plant

Valkyrie, wait until it is about halfway, then split 2 from the center, which will get a 19-2 split, it will kill

Miner, as soon as you know what tower it is going towards, plant skarmy at the back of your tower.

Ebarb, Giant Skeleton, Ice spirit, Heal spirit, Ice Spirit, Skarmy, Skeletons, Wall Breakers, Hog rider Night witch, rascals, Royal recruits, Pekka, R Giant, Giant, Goblin Giant, Goblin cage, goblin gang, Goblins, Spear goblins, Goblin barrel, Barbarians, Sparky, Witch, Prince, Dark Prince, Wizard (yes) Ice wizard, E-Wiz, Bowler, Executioner, Pigs, Hog rider, Ram rider, Cannon cart, Edrag, Skeleton Dragons, Baby dragons, Hunter, Inferno dragon, lumberjack, Magic archer, Musketeer, 3 Musketeer, Ram rider, Zappies, Flying machine, Royale ghost, battle healer, archers, knight, Dart goblin, Minions, Mega minion E golem, Fire spirits, bats, Bomber, Guards, Bandit, Princess, Fisherman


For tower targeters, place directly at the bridge, for regular just kinda put it the middle of the path.

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